Chris Nunan
Chris Nunan Facilitator, Artist & Photographer –  “Soul Nudger”

The birth of my 3P photography site – using imagery to point to the principles as I feel them.

I consider myself blessed because of a series of encounters with the unknown in my life.

The name “Soulnudging” came from Steve Adair.

Bless You and Thank You Chris. I love your domain Soulnudging. Big love Steve

I used to live my life mostly in my head and still do to some extent.

But in 2009 something different happened.

I had a close encounter with death – at least the possibility of having to let go of this life as I knew it.

It’s a long story – but something shifted – I changed. I feel in love with life it self and from a different place than “me”.

I learnt something quite amazing – to me anyway – that life really is about love, even when we “think” it’s not. ( My old self would not have understood this basic truth)

I felt it in my soul – this radiance of love – given in any moment once we realise that it never left us in the first place.

In 2013 I heard of Sydney Banks, a common man who discovered a way to express wisdom through his own experience.

And there it was! He had an experience – an understanding about the building blocks of life that will change life as we know it.

It’s pointing to something that is already known in the worlds spiritual traditions – but in some way I felt that this was more – it was not pointing to some book or scripture. It was and is pointing to how we experience life – inside out and how Thought plays it’s role;

“Feelings of insecurity are immediately created when we innocently split thought and feeling. This is because we falsely believe we could feel something we don’t think.”

Keith Blevens, clinical PhD in Psychology

This “split” needs to be addressed – because it is the crux of how we can relieve human suffering or live a wonderful life!

Sydney Banks, who had no higher education at all, saw this, and wrote;

All you have to know is everything is created from thought, you don’t have to know anything else.”

And this mystery is the key to having a wonderful life..

“All of a sudden I realised that I had been resistant to life – I had created this Soul blocking mechanism – like most people do – to apparently protect myself from an imagined world of fearful things! Realising that it was my own thinking and nothing “outside me” was quite a relief. So in a way you can say that I changed from within – from a outside- in “soul blocker” to an understanding that I needed to acknowledge my soul – my true inside-out life as I experience it from moment to moment – so Soul Nudging appeared – pointing to what’s behind life got born”

Chris Nunan

My offer on getting more REAL: (Realising our Essense As Love)

I offer Soulnudging, drawing and photography sessions on how to deal with change with an Inside-Out perspective

Which means pointing to your own innate wisdom ( Intuition / common sense / “Aha” moments) and also using mine.

Time: Usually a session can be about 75 minutes online on Zoom or Skype. (There is an option to record sessions if you want it)

The contents of these sessions is not the point – it’s not an intellectual thing – it’s a pointing to simple universal truth without any dogma.

You are the master of your own life and experience – it’s a fact. We give meaning to our own experiences. (Even if it doesn’t feel like it – you are)

If this is new to you or you are unsure of the concept please contact me and let’s have a free talk on your options.


I also offer “In the moment Photography” aiming at showing “the unknown” or invisible feeling in life – images that open you to a feeling – inside out.

As a photographer I like documenting soulful moments of beauty etc. For me images are a powerful way of pointing to the origin of our experience,

“You are free to make anything a problem if you wish too” Chris Nunan

My background is:

MA in Psychology and Language

25 years of teaching

Trained in various disciplines

– Qi Gong Senior Teacher (WuJi Gong: Enlightenment Qi Gong also called Primordial Tai Chi)

– Cognitive Anger Management – Prison training program

– Mindfulness MBSR

– Certified Focusing Teacher – Listening Skills

– Deep Therapy Therapist – all-round therapy skills

– EFT level III – Tapping

– Inner Re-patterning – Tapping the Heart Wisdom

– TAT – Change protocol

– NLP Business Practitioner

Certified Angel Coach ( A spiritual view )

– Voice Dialogue – a very great tool to get to know what you are made up of

Experienced teaching inmates Psychology in prisons.

Working as a mentor for people with special issues.

Anger Management courses

Online – couples coaching

Group processes – empowerment

Drawing out your potential – using drawing af a tool of deep listening

And much more..

Self learned Photographer….

Artist – drawing

Musician …

As I write this I am aware that the writings of Syd Banks and the Innate Health approach makes so much sense to me now and changes everything – for me that is…

Update November 2023

Today I would like to see this also from a Christian Contemplative perspective, as I’m not in charge – God is!

Humanity, take a good look at yourself. Inside, you’ve got heaven and earth, and all of creation. You’re a world—everything is hidden in you.

~ Hildegard of Bingen

We come to God, not by navigation, but by LOVE

Sct. Augustine