Chris Nunan MA is a teacher, artist, photographer and facilitator born in 1956
He has studied literature and psychology.
He has had extensive training with different teachers in the psycho-spiritual field.
Chris has been a teacher and coach for 45 + years.
He has worked with many psychological- and therapeutic methods over the years and is certified in following modalities:

-Mindfulness Instructor MBSR
-Focusing Trainer (CFT)
-Senior Wuji Gong instructor ( Spiritual Qi Gong)
-CBT Trainer (Conflict resolution / Anger Management / ADHD)
-EFT Level 3 (Energy psychology)
-Deep Therapy ( A Jungian based approach to change including body work and Gestalt etc.)
-Laughter Yoga Teacher (Madan Katharia’s Laughter School)
-Certified Gibberish Leader and instructor:  Nonsense making sense !!!
-Certified Angel Coach (Spiritual Coaching)

Chris Nunan

He has also worked with Voice Dialogue (Psycho-Spiritual dialogues) Internationally since 1998 and trained managers and personnel in conflict resolution and personal development for Leaders etc.
At one time he taught prisoners psychology and he has also worked with mentoring and special education for people with ADHD etc. ( Reflex training Concept)

From when I had ITP a rare disease where your Immune system attack your blood pallets!
From when I had ITP, a rare disease where your Immune system attacks your blood pallets, and survived!

In 2009 Chris recovered from a life threatening illness and had a spiritual “breakthrough” of love – Something he realized the truth behind, when he read Sydney Bank’s words on how we all come from Mind. ( God / Lifeforce / Spirit ) and today it’s evident that this blew open a door to where I’m at now with my interest in Contemplative Christianity.

Chris met The Principles in 2013 where he began to realize the truth behind life and what really happened in 2009 when he experienced a mayor shift in his awareness of life.

A very significant thing is – that just about all the stuff he had learned before began to make less and less sense. Chris no longer “identifies” with most of the outside-in approaches he used to excel in. And when he remembers to be humble and listen life unfolds incredible beauty with no effort at all.
Chris has been to several great 3P teachers abroad and together with his wife 3 P has become deeper and deeper. ( update: 3 P was a great understanding and step on the way towards a more mature spirituality)

© Chris Nunan

Chris was a part of 3 Principles Supermind, as an active participant and Faculty member.

He has recently held a webinar there titled: “With a clear mind you can see forever” and several other online webinars on Photography, Drawing and seeing.

“One of my major shifts in life came as a blessing in disguise. I suddenly realised that beauty was in my own back yard and started to document the feeling in the form of photography – pointing to my own innate source and letting life live me”

Chris The Clown “God has humour”!

Chris is also an author and has in collaboration with 3 P DK written a chapter in the book “Livet har dig” (Life has your back) published in 2019, he also is an illustrator of several other books. Like Life has your back also in times of crisis ( Livet har dig også i en krisetid 2022)

Life has your back
Life has your back 2019

In 2020 during the lock down Chris got interested in Contemplative Christianity ( he always was) through St Martins in the Fields and is now an active member of The Companions of Nazareth a group online that focuses on a more open and inclusive and diverse Church – he is helping there as an online facilitator and has been to several retreats. Chris feels it creates a focus in his life and a coming together of all his previous findings – it’s all about love!

Mission and love
St Martins in the Fields, London Webpage:
All are welcome here – an image that I made and got accepted for an on-line exhibition at SMITF all being welcome at Gods table

Choose love

Latest update 1 of August 2023


For some time – actually years, I have been drawing and creating digital images. At one time, I discovered, and developed an idea “Drawing out your potential” and tried to see if drawing and listening combined could be a way of coaching in an intuitive way. This had some success, but never really took off, even though it felt like a good idea at the time.

Under lockdown I ran a “Drawing Circle” where a group of people got together and created prompts and we would draw whatever came up, we even meet in between and visited art museums or just each other when the restrictions were lifted. As good things do, also that came to an end. I still loved our conversations and drawing time together and all the goodness it stirred up.

What I have discovered is that I mainly draw – and I do that a lot, is that it gives me peace of mind and slows down my ADHD brain ( Yes, you might have guessed that..? ) It’s NOT what I AM, but it’s how i function 24/7, almost always restless and popping new ideas and thank God i also have loads of good experiences and love in my life. Lots of successes in many ways, and what I feel are valid commitments.

My wife Doris Beltoft and kids / the whole family and friends, musical partners, church SMITF, and much more! ( Most likely more than I can remember right now, so don’t feel forgotten)

What I DON’T have much of is:

The ability to wait

A real feeling of what time is

An ability to do things that don’t interest me for a longer time ( This is sometimes hell)

An organized orderly desk

( It feels safer to be able to see as much stuff as possible, so that I know it’s there; if it isn’t “there” I can totally “forget” it’s existence. This is due to my short time working memory and also why I have a tendency to interrupt people if I have something to say, sometimes a bit frantically and maybe even rude, like finishing peoples sentences for them)

A good overview of my own life..

( That’s why I love the feature on FB that tells me what happened last yeat etc.)

Why am I writing this?

Well, I need to be open about my diversity and not hide it. It’s no big deal but can be frightening.

I could be shamed out ( believe me that’s a pretty solid looking feeling at times)

But ALL of this is for me not a “deficit” but simply my kind of functioning.

We are many who share it and I’m sure that this has a deeper purpose, and of course also a load of problems to it. But who can say that they don’t have some kind of issue down the family line? (80% according to the newest research will suffer some kind of mental problems in their lifetime; the research was published by the Danish Psychiatry Foundation last week. So what I’m saying is the “normal” isn’t that common as one would think!)

I have written much more than I intended to write.

I love my life!

Love God!

And cherish my friendships and family!

All is well..( Most of the time)

If you read this you were patient and hopefully understanding.

NOW what I set out to write was a question:

How do I get my ART more out in the world?

Any advise or help is very much needed, because I have a tendency to be more or less totally disorganised when it comes to the practical stuff.

( I would rather draw or go out and take photos or something , yes I know that might sound ridiculous, but it’s true for me and many people with ADHD.)

So any help is much appreciated in any form.

I hope this finds the right kind of heart minded people and God Bless them who resonate.

And God bless all who have been there through the years.

I love all of you – period.


So HOW can this help me get my art to the next level? That’s one of my questions right now.

I’m grateful if you read that far. God Bless you.

The story of my life..

Artwork: Chris Nunan