The perfect illusion!

The perfect illusion © Chris Nunan

The perfect illusion © Chris Nunan

We all know that formless energy is behind everything in this universe yet we act as if we are the boss!
We often look for explanations and solutions on the outside – should I do this or should I do that?
And in reality, if you ask science – there is no “outside” – as a eye doctor once pointed out “We don’t see with your eyes” – Everything we “see” is processed in us – another way of saying this is that there is no “meaning” unless we give it – or create a “meaning ;
It’s a bit like Alice in Wonderland asking..
“Cat: Where are you going?
Alice: Which way should I go?
Cat: That depends on where you are going.
Alice: I don’t know.
Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”
Lewis CarrolLife is always “Where we are going” right now!Sitting in a chair meditating is nice – then you are calm – but getting up and getting things done is nice too – it’s all in the stream of life flowing through me at this time NOW.The wisdom as I see it – is to not make a rule of itSo which way is the right way? Which solution is the right one? How should I go? How should I do?I guess as a coach or therapist these are pretty common questions?The person asking this is obviously not pleased with where life is right now – something needs to changeThe good news is that something always changes 24/7 – the formless energy being everything is replacing your cells in this very moment you are reading this article – the whole globe – earth is moving creating change all the time – but somehow these clients (or me) seem to have forgotten or overlooked the obvious – the only “constant” is change itself.We get to know Sydney Bank’s wisdom – our own innate wisdom – called The Tree Principles and we know them through form yet we are born from “nothing” and go to “nothing” and in the empty space between no-thingness and no-thingness is everything.Mind + Consciousness + Thought are what we perceive as reality. It’s how life works. These principles are the constants of change like gravity is a constant – what goes up must go down. It’s just how it is.Dear reader this happens to me all the time – I simply forget that life is perfectly running through me and then my Ego wants this and that – Another word for this could be insecure or conditioned thinking.

Still it’s pretty obvious to me now that I’m the one doing the thinking! (Well something is thinking)

So the answer to the typical client question – “Which way should I go?” or “How do I sole this problem?”could be: “All roads lead to Rome”- meaning that we always are there!

The route is not important.

And for the Roman emperor the world as he knew it was Rome – the Roman Empire!

Life leads to it’s own solutions – when we let it happen.

And it works the same way when we don’t believe it too –

Not by forcing things but by listening to our own creation from an impersonal perspective – we go from “ME” to One – knowing what we are – formless energy taking form in the moment.

We are OK!

Another way of saying this…

It’s like this – the map is not the territory – our clients are making up a problem and then fighting like hell to get out of the “problem” – the “problem” being the map.

The territory is always what it is – life – flow – change – movement.

Any “Map” will be outdated in the same moment is made…and making new maps won’t solve anything even though many self help systems try to sell you this as a solution.

Let’s hear what Sydney Banks says:

“To find out the illusion, to realize that life is one single divine thought and we are it– connected to a separate conscious state which truly, truly lies within each and everyone one of us. We are it. That is the reality of life. What you see now is the dream state. It’s the illusion. It’s the perfect illusion called life. And this perfect illusion called life is created via your superconsious state.

All you have to start to do is realize you are this superconscious state. And as you start to truly realize and experience the fact, then this superconscious state will turn ’round and take care of you and guide you and take you home to where you belong. To that inner divine place where you realize that life really is a shadow and a dream. That’s all it is. It is the shadow of the true reality.”

Sydney Banks (old tape)

Life does take care of us and we are life – when we accept this simple fact – it all starts working with us and not against us.

This does not mean that it’s all pleasant – we do get dirty from time to time.

So in my image of the dirty track – please notice, that it doesn’t matter which way you go – you are always getting exactly the experience you are creating..

To understand this you need to get out of your Ego! Or simply notice that you are more than your Ego.

The flow of energy passing through our nervous system sympathetic and para sympathetic, breathing in creating out, ebb and tide is doing itself – what a wonder that is!

Life works fine in my absence!

Another way of pointing to this is..

“Once you realize that the road is the goal, and that you are always on the road NOT to reach a goal but to enjoy it’s beauty and wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

So enjoy the ride!

Sit in your chair or get up and do something – just notice that whatever you do life will whisper in your ear and give you hint’s and ideas and with Sydney Bank’s words: “..then this superconscious state will turn ’round and take care of you and guide you and take you home to where you belong.” (See quote above)

Maybe the question “Which way should I go?” get’s it wrong – Alice needs to realize that she is in a dream – we need to realize that we are in a dream, making up “life” as we go along.

Or even simpler:

“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?“

― Winnie the Pooh

Because when you do that – even temporarily – the wisdom life rushes in and guides us to the next turn in the game of duality and Oneness

There is no map..

Enjoy the wave