My Dream

This night I had a dream..

Chris Nunan Photography

Dream © Chris Nunan

I was shown a book with images

and a text caption – I don’t remember the exact words, but something like this:

“Why don’t you show yourself as you are to the world?”

And I woke up – thinking – this is “ME” whatever that means – a message from the unknown.

Is this a unknown “me” or is this a deeper “me”?

The thing is that it was a feminine image – a Muse

Maybe Mnemosyne – the mother of the nine Muses is trying to give me a gift?

The gift of remembering – this is what a Muse is – a spiritual influence that points you to a knowing

Then this insight popped up;

There is no past and there is no future – it’s quite simple –  there is only NOW – the reason is that we will only
ever be in this now even when we think of the past we are in the now as we were in the “past” we were also in the
now or as we will be in the “future” thinking of the “past” – which is an illusion because we always are exactly where we are

This is the truth.

The whole notion of linear time is a construct we make up.

I remember an article I once read about the Aymara people in Chile, they don’t face the future – they face the past. So in their language the whole idea of chronological time is reversed and different.

Speaking of the future is considered nonsense – maybe because nothing makes sense but now? – Being where you are right now…

And now the scientists are suggesting that even the “Big Bang” theory will be be proven wrong – the was no “Big Bang” and there goes one more theory of time.

What if it’s all NOW anyway?

Anyway this is the feeling in my dream – it’s all connected – my life – my past – to this one breath – this one thought

Sydney Bank’s is pointing to that Mind, Consciousness and Thought are just that. One.

As I understand it – my life experience is inside “me” – the whole experience of life is what I think it is. I am feeling my thinking – all ways!

Our feelings come from thought – not from the “outside” – that also implies, that we are not governed by our past experiences – but by our own thinking!

The fear’s in our head are truly in the our thinking and our biology beautifully responds to whatever we think – right now!

This night I had a dream – or should I say – This thought of mine is pointing to the truth of who I am – “I’m” the same as everyone, a drop in the ocean of love.

I will be this wave – I already am – and wow this feels good!

The universe is infinite and we all are a part of this wisdom – the principles that live through “us” are “us”.

I do show myself to the world – it’s what I think that shows me my world – it’s not what I show on the outside that counts – there is no “outside” of my thinking in the moment..

Falling into no-thingness



Imagine that – an image pointing to my soul – and if you get the feeling maybe you get it too?