Why wanting to go deeper isn’t always helpful

Some thoughts I had after an on-line meeting recently..

© Chris Nunan

© Chris Nunan


When trying to understand the 3 principles, I have noticed that we want to go  “deeper” –  then often the opposite happens, we get more superficial or self important.

This just shows me how the principles work – we can’t ask “Mind” to show up and do something for us – like “I want this to be my experience now!”

The paradox is letting something happen versus “wanting” to let something happen, by trying to control an outcome.

What we can “do” is relax – be still – and notice our humanness and stop “wanting”

We can notice the illusion of “control” taking place.

My personal ego  thinks it is in control – this is a very “popular” illusion we all tend to create in our culture. For many people it’s who they think they are.

To say it in a 3 P way -It’s a part of who we Think we are as thinkers – something we create innocently.

When I lack grounding:

  • I recognize this in my own life when I start repeating myself and “scanning” my environment for “problems” like a radar.
  • I recognize it when I get too “helpful”
  • I recognize it when I get to obsessed with getting it right!
  • I recognize it when I’m talking too much and not listening
  • I recognize it when I have assumptions with no evidence.

Noticing the illusion – for me, that I’m in this thinking – is often enough to shift into my – non – personal – power and grace – the “place” that feeds everything from moment to moment with unlimited love and creativity.

So how do we get our grounding in life back?

  • I recognise I’m listening
  • I recognize there is no feeling of rush
  • I recognise I easily forgive myself and others
  • I recognize love in everything – even what I don’t like I see the innocense
  • I get things done with no effort (well it feels like that)
  • I somehow know what I know from an invisible force guiding me through life
  • I see that my thinking is lighter and consciously know that I have to listen to my inner non personal wisdom

It’s the same power running both the illusion and the wisdom – it’s the power of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

This same force of power and grace is also behind my often “silly” personal thinking – what I “make up” and call reality in a personal way.

We all have the blessing of using this power in a more wise way, or ignoring it with our ego – we are still blessed even in our denial of reality – reality still is the same. That’s why we talk of principles. It’s not a matter of opinion – principles are constants – operating in everything. Formless into form. Creating our world inside out – even though it often looks like the other way round – the truth is that we are spiritual beings playing the game of life and meaning through thought and consciousness. Our brain is not our Mind – we are not who we think we are – it’s much bigger than we ever can understand with our personal intellect – personal mind.

A good point

Michael Neill writes, that people often want to “understand” the 3 principles as “What can the principles help me achieve?” so when we as practitioners answers them – they are listening for some “good advise”.

What the 3 principles offer is NOT good advice, suggestions or models.

We are telling the story of what created our world – our personal experiences and feelings of the principles.

In this way we are pointing at the source of our coming into the principles.

When we are grounded, we know that these principles govern everything in our psyche and there is no need to figure out you life or get it right – it’s right from moment to moment already.

We all have this wisdom

The reason for this is simple – people – everyone has the wisdom in them – we all have our own perfect answers, once we get out of our own way and learn to listen inside out.

To sum this up – we will not get deeper by trying to get deeper – that’s forcing it and ignoring the principles.

We might get deeper when we stop trying – stop building help plans, getting it right, fighting – using will power – wanting etc.

These are simple principles – force versus power.

Power is innate – it is always plugged in – all we need to know is, that it works for us 24/7, when we let it. It also works when we don’t acknowledge it – it’s life itself unfolding.

The intelligence of “Mind” (some call it higher thinking, god, consciousness etc.) – is not “thinking” in an intellectual sense – but  is there in the background of stillness with all we ever need to know – right now to live a good and peaceful life. Thinking and Consciousness are nesssary – we need consciousness to know we are thinking and Thought to experience life – no thought no experience or feeling.

The good news!

The good news is that The 3 Principles trinity is always working in our life and that all we need to “do” is notice this to make major change – and be who we are with greater ease and more fun!

Photo: @ Chris Nunan
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