There is no lack

There is no lack

In the principles we know that nature is perfect  –

Our nature simply is. It’s like seeing – we don’t really have to do anything

That’s the beauty of life – inside – out

Sydney Bank’s would write:

”You are as close to Truth right this second as you ever will be. Why don’t you just learn to relax and appreciate what you have in life? When you do, I guarantee that you’ll stand a far greater chance of finding what you are looking for than by running all over the world looking for it.”

( The Enlightened Gardener Revisited )

And this is true – we are always close to truth

What he is pointing to, is a source and intelligence already present in everyone – as we say in the principles, it’s only one thought away.

So what is natural  – meaning how does this work in life?

If we really are present we can experience life as a flow sometime like a rollercoaster and sometimes just a quiet wave – life has it’s up’s and downs – that’s what life does.

The trick to not getting caught up in this is not personalizing our emotions – actually our emotions are basically thoughts on the outside – any emotion we experience is created by thought (we are the ones projecting feeling onto life not the other way round)

“The state of no thought is when the personal thought system finds perfect stillness, transcending time, space, and matter and finds the true nature of Mind.“ (The Enlightened Gardener Revisited)

Mind, as Sydney Bank’s uses the word, points to a vaster and wiser place so to speak embedded in our deeper being – we can all experience this innate wisdom that we are made of when we get quiet or even in a moment when we are stunned or can’t think.

So the “state of no thought” is exactly what it says – it’s when we just relax into no doing – no agenda, no plan, no strategy – just relaxing. Present.

“Forget the past and the future, and just be, and you will surely be rewarded by living in the now.
When Eastern mystics describe the now, they are not talking about today as a specific day of the month and year. Their meaning goes deeper. When such people refer to the now, they mean the personal mind is free from the contaminants of yesterday’s memories and fears.

This in turn frees the mind to see with clarity things as they are, not through distorted memories and apprehensions.
Living in the now requires a clear mind.
In clearing up our minds, we may have to give up something to receive something.” (Sydney Banks: The missing link)

So what we need to free our selves from, is our personal mind’s somewhat narrow perspective on life – our tendency to download and repeat our old strategies again and again and our forgetfulness as to who we really are and what we come from. The meaning of NOW goes much deeper.

Sydney Bank’s would say “The truth you seek does not come from books or the spoken word but from within the soul of humanity” (The missing link)

Lao Tzu wrote in the classic Taoism masterpiece Tao de Ching:

“Countless words
count less
than the silent balance
between yin and yang”

“My teachings are easy to understand
and easy to put into practice.
Yet your intellect will never grasp them,
and if you try to practice them, you’ll fail.

My teachings are older than the world.
How can you grasp their meaning?

If you want to know me,
Look inside your heart.”

All of these ancient writings belong to our world heritage  and point to the same inner space, as I see it, as Sydney Banks pointed to.

But there is a difference – Sydney Banks was a uneducated man, a welder originating from Scotland and not at all a “mystic” or “spiritual” person when he simply stumbled upon his truth almost by accident. Sydney Banks experience made him a man who pointed to the spiritual and mystical in everyone, some will say that he became enlightened. ( I don’t think he would have said that about himself)

What he experienced in his epiphany was the power of thought – that we are creating our experienced reality via the power of thought . We are not creating the chair we are sitting on but we are creating the experience of sitting on a chair – the feel and touch of it, if we like or dislike it and what it means to us – all of this is what we make up through our personal thinking.

From the time Lao Tzu wrote down the ancient wisdom in Tao de Ching in the sixth century BC and to Sydney Banks having an enlightened moment there is a considerable length of time and a world apart, and very different cultures, but my experience is that wisdom is wisdom – it’s water running in the same river.

The difference as I see it is that Sydney Banks is very precise in pointing to understanding Thought as the door to your truth.

At Lao Tzu’s time learning how to understand this wisdom would be a cultivation process where harnessing the ancient spirits of the time would make you a master. It was also a time of superstition.

In our time – as Sydney Bank’s discovery point’s to – it’s very much simpler – because the wisdom or power is not something to attain through going through hard work or years in a cave – no, it’s right there ..built into the system of our deeper psychology and no “superstition”  needed – all though many people like to think of it as a higher power it’s actually neutral. It’s not “positive thinking” – it’s more like knowing that you are thinking! It’s also crucial to understand that the teacher is not the teacher – the wisdom lies within each one of us, so the teacher is mealy pointing to truth.

(When we know that we are creating our experience via the power of thought – our thinking/emotions settle easier because we stop believing so much of our own bullshit! )

Let me write this quote from Sydney Bank’s again:

”You are as close to Truth right this second as you ever will be. Why don’t you just learn to relax and appreciate what you have in life? When you do, I guarantee that you’ll stand a far greater chance of finding what you are looking for than by running all over the world looking for it.” ( The Enlightened Gardener Revisited )


STOP looking! STOP doing! STOP IT! ( reminds me of a very good comedy with Bob Newheart

I started this blog entry writing “There is no lack” and for me this is absolutely imperative – we need to get away from centuries of victim thinking which has lead us down all the wrong routes to wisdom.

We do not need to be:

More manly

More feminine

More intelligent

More winning

More authentic

More …

Why be “more” when what we are already is perfect?

We will not be in a “perfect” feeling all the time – life has it’s ebbs and lows – but we will be living our authentic life – because that’s what we already have.
Dear reader – now we are at the place where I need to stop – for I can point to this truth, so well formulated by Sydney Bank’s and other wise people, but you need to go though the door by yourself.

Your truth need to be your truth – otherwise it’s only my truth or opinion, and frankly our world is full up with  peoples opinions and self-help books – do this, do that, and all everyone is pointing to is what worked for them.

What true wisdom is lies beyond smart prescriptions, methods and exercises – actually clarity of mind can’t be copied – that’s how it’s designed

What we can do is be open to our own insight’s directing us to our own perfect solutions – we so to speak already know what to do when we really start listening in a mature way to our own innate perfection.

There was never a lack – and if there was it was only a lack of attention.

This is how I understand it; when..”the personal mind is free from the contaminants of yesterday’s memories and fears..”, when we stop analysing, understanding, confessing, processing, digging in our past or present feelings etc. we realise that we are already in the clear and universal Mind can do what it does and guide us much better that our little mind ever was capable of.

No more self help needed – we have our own wisdom and always had it  – now go quiet so it can find you!

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I don’t know why I wrote this or why I had to get up at a ridiculous time to write it – so something wanted to express itself! I hope this something will point you to something greater and better in your self.

Chris Nunan