Does God have a copyright ?

Photo: Chris Nunan Photography

I experience, that when debating, discussing or presenting 3P, somehow what we are pointing to, tends to get mixed up with where we are coming from. It sort of filters through our personalities  and backgrounds .

As many of us are teachers or coaches we tend to turn into¬† great salesmen and talk less about the principles from our own understanding than from an attempt to get the message “sold” and everyone “buying” into it.Or – the other side of the coin: We tend to listen more to other coaches or teachers (especially the successful ones with high standing in the community) than to our own inner voice or understanding.

¬†Great music can be played on expensive Hi-Fi or a kitchen radio – it’s still great music.
Still, distortion can happen if we confuse big and great with right and true.
In the coaching business it could be confusing the value of your insight with how big figures you can claim to be earning? Or to which “special groups” with “handpicked members” you belong. Or which special, fantastic teacher, you’ve been following.

It certainly sometimes confuses me! If I get sucked into the game I might start generating stories of need – I really need this “x y z” to “get it right” or I may have have to be like my favourite always optimistic coach…

The one thing that helps me out of this delusion is asking a simple question:
“Does God have a copyright ?”
And every time I think this, I know that we all own or have it – that the message is simple – don’t use the “outside” to measure life – the truth sits on the inside – in you and not in the size of the intellect Ego. ( Note that “inside” means that it comes from a spiritual understanding – the formless – also called Mind or God)
That’s why we call it an inside – out understanding.
To sum this up here is one of my favourite poems:
We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.
Robert Frost