Reflections on a picture I took the other day:

This picture was taken on a “mountain” near where I live – 103 meters above sea level – The name of it is “Mind Mountain” (Sindbjerg) “Sindet” = Mind !

This place could be my “Arunchala” ( A holy mountain) – but it’s to cold to sit in a “diaper” like Marharshi did – right now and here it’s freezing – In India a mountain can be holy and I wonder if the whole area around Silkeborg, Denmark, has this “heart chakra” quality for us?

Someone said that once..

In the old days it was considered natural that our scenery has this special quality – opposite the hill I’m on (Sindbjerg) we even have another “mountain” “Heaven Mountain” = Himmelbjerget in Danish, that is a symbol of greatness, beauty and democracy because of it’s newer history.

It’s a nice feeling you get out there in the hills – a bit like being closer to something essential in your self – climbing a lot of stairs got me totally free of my thinking and the photography gear was heavy that day.

Anyway the light in the picture above is almost biblical ( Dore´ Style) and if it was described in India you might say “Ommmm” and listen to Brahman in the background.

But I’m not anywhere else than where I am ( “Where ever you are you are always there”) and being into The Principles (Mind, Thought and Consciousness ) I know that I’m making it all up in a way – the story, the spirituality, the meaning and that it’s brought to me through Thought – that every thing we “see” and sense has to be “understood” to be real in our heads.

But still there is this knowing and pointing to the larger Mind ( Spiritual Source) that made this life possible – that gives us it’s total backing, whatever we think or believe – the fact that on a level of “no ego” – I and we are no different than the mountain, the tree or the grass – we are basically One.

It feels closer to source when I’m here in the hills, maybe because my legs are hurting a bit, I’m stunned by the scenery and full of love for the natural beauty of a 103 meter hill – in my Mind – or maybe it’s the feeling of love, that I always carry with me in my heart and a silent recognition that this could be me. What “IS”.

“IS… is God. WHAT IS… is God-in-motion. And if you accept WHAT IS, by dropping your free will, you’re accepting God. Then you realize that you and God are one. And you’ve still got your free will – your free mind – but you’ve also got God. You’ve got that ocean to back up the single tear drop of your life that falls into it. Then you’re free.”

Sydney Banks

(Scottish “mystic” / philosopher and uneducated teacher – who had a profound insight into the nature of reality, that points to our innate health)

Photo: Chris Nunan Photography

Post Notes:

As a photographer it never ceases to amaze me how little “I” have to do with this experience of light. I never know where and how “magic” happens, so I go some place – yes – and I have my gear – always always – but I follow my intuition – go “blank” wait and look, walk, climb..nothing special – but I know it might show – the light with that special quality – as an expression beyond my personal thinking. It just “jumps” at me sometimes and I feel like I get to witness a birth – in awe of it all.